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"Dog behavior is about relationships."


Dog Behavior is different than Dog Obedience

There is a reason why you can’t fix many behaviors with obedience lessons.  Think about this, if you wanted to address a child’s behavior you would need to be familiar with child psychology.  The same is true for dogs.  To understand and heal/change/replace behavior properly you will need dog psychology.  To understand dog psychology is to speak dog.  The human understands the dog and better yet the dog understands the human.  The bottom line is dog behavior methods based on a foundation of dog psychology are some of the most positive methods available.  Every method Peach Acres uses is rooted in dog psychology.


Obedience is a Human Language

When you teach a dog obedience you are essentially teaching them a language.  Peach Acres uses a reward obedience training technique called marker based obedience.  A “marker” is a cue that communicates to a dog when a handler wants something.  Clicker training uses a clicker for their “marker.”  Peach Acres prefers using verbal and visual cues with rewards.  Our obedience techniques go hand in hand with our obedience techniques for one smooth, consistent language.

Dogs Are Evolving

Dogs are evolving via the domestication process.  Two truths have emerged from their evolution recently.  Dogs are remaining more puppy like their entire lives and humans are becoming a natural part of their pack.  This evolution means our care for the dogs must evolve as well.  The great caregivers of the past must step aside for the parental figures of the future.


Who are our clients

Our clients span many states including Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Washington, and California.  Peach Acres also proudly helps save dogs with rescue organizations across the country.  We will forever believe good dogs come in every breed.


Something You Should Know

In order for you to make an educated decision about what to do with your dog you should understand what the behavior changing/replacing process looks like.

*Average Case

  • 1 - 2 Weeks
  • 3 - 8 Weeks
  • 1 - 10 Months

A few facts about 

Peach Acres

Peach Acres has experience with over 800 dog behavioral cases and counting.  We currently help rescue organizations across the country with some of their toughest behavioral cases.

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