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The Peach Acres staff is a team of humans and dogs who work together to teach and heal dogs.

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The Birthday That Started It All

Years ago Ryan was in a slump.  He had been in the service industry for years with no real future in site.  It was a day before Ryan’s birthday that year.  Ryan and Ryan’s then girlfriend had the day off.  They contemplated how to celebrate.  After some deliberation they decided to grab some of Ryan’s favorite frozen yogurt.  They grabbed Brynn their puppy and headed out.

The yogurt shop was located only a few miles down the road from their apartment.  They made a mile or so down the road and their vehicle ran out of gas.  Ryan had his then girlfriend and Brynn stand on the sidewalk while he attempted to push the vehicle to safety.  He pushed and pushed.  The older SUV was very heavy.  Ryan stopped short of a safe parking lot and decided to leave the vehicle in the road while go buy some gas instead.  So the pair and their dog walked to the nearby gas station.

When they returned it was much darker outside.  Only five hours or so before midnight, Ryan’s actual birthday.  Ryan had his then girlfriend and Brynn stand on the side walk again while he refueled the stranded vehicle.  Ryan stood between the hazard lights behind the rear of the stranded vehicle and began to add fuel.  Ryan dazed off thinking about how his then girlfriend could possibly want to purchase and then eat guacamole frozen yogurt.  It wasn’t long before the gas can was almost empty.  The good yogurt was almost his.  All of a sudden his then girlfriend gasped loudly.  Ryan started to turn his head to see what was the matter.  Then… everything went black.

Ryan woke up on the ground.  His head and ears were ringing.  He focused on his then girlfriend.  She was crying hysterically.  Brynn, Ryan’s dog, was freaking out.  A man was standing ten feet or so behind Ryan chewing a toothpick.  Behind the man was a smashed SUV.  Ryan still hadn’t put it all together but he did feel he wanted to talk to the man.  So Ryan attempted to stand up.  That’s when he realized his right leg was in a question mark shape.  His right leg was so bad Ryan refused to look at his left leg.  Neither seemed to work.  Panic started to set in for Ryan at this point.  He laid back and cried for help repeatedly.

The man hit Ryan standing behind their SUV going 45 miles per hour.  He never hit the breaks according to his vehicle computer.  The man was an elderly man who could not see at night.  The SUV’s had smashed together and the bounced 20 feet apart in the opposite direction of each other.  The man never saw Ryan or the SUV.  The man never said anything to Ryan.  He just chewed his toothpick.

Brynn ran off.  She was terrified.  She was only 6-8 months old.

A fireman approached.  “Sir what is your name?” as he worked on Ryan with urgency.  Ryan said, “I don’t know.”  The fireman then asked, “What is your number or parents name or number?”  Ryan replied, “I don’t know.”  The firemen were real concerned about Ryan passing out.  They repeatedly asked Ryan to “stay with them.”  Ryan assured them he wasn’t going to pass out.  He remembered thinking he was tough.  Ryan overheard them say over the radio that the helicopter was on the way.  He grabbed the fireman’s pant leg and tugged.  The fireman replied, “Yes?”  Ryan told him, “I heard you say helicopter.  I can’t go on a helicopter.”  The perplexed fireman said, “Why?”  To which Ryan replied, “I’m scared of heights.”  They both laughed.

They rushed Ryan to the helicopter on a gurney.  Ryan remembered the motion of the motorized arm that carried the gurney into it’s snug position inside of the helicopter.  Once the gurney came to a stop Ryan’s vision went out.  Like an old tube black and white tv his vision went black from the outside in ending up as a pin hole of light.  Then…nothing.

Ryan’s heart stopped three times that night.  He also needed 23 pints of blood.  That’s enough blood for more than 2 full grown men.  The final time Ryan was revived was at midnight.  Exactly on his birthday.

Accident site.  Plano, Texas
Accident site. Plano, Texas

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