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Earn 10 stars from purchases and save 25% on the next purchase of your choice.  READ BELOW

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Save Money

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Peach Acres knows you have enough to worry about.  So we made our reward system easy for you.  All we need is your name, email, and phone number for your reward profile.  Once your profile is created you earn stars for every purchase.  You choose wether you would like a text message or email when you receive a star and when you have 10 stars.  When you have earned your 25% discount simply let us know what purchase you would like to use your earned savings on.  It’s that simple.  Nothing to hold on to.  Nothing to think about.

Your First Star Is On Us

Make an account and we will award you your very first star for FREE.

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Earn Rewards
Save Money
Save Money

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Save Money

Save With Social Media

You can save 5% – 15% for following our social media accounts.  Our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the accounts that qualify.  5% per account.

*One time discount.  Does not combine with any other offer.

Service Men and Women Discount

Peach Acres salutes our uniform men and women.  All service men and women receive a 15% discount on all services every time.  *This discount can not combine with any other discount.

Thank You For Your Service

Save Money
Save Money

Tell A Friend

Earn a $35 discount on your next service for telling a friend.  

*Friend must close on their transaction before this discount can be redeemed.  Can not combine with any other offer.

Save Money

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Not sure what the next step is?  Connect with us.  We can help you make an educated decision.